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Our company's managing philosophy commands that communication and owner "hands-on" oversight of every project are maintained at the highest level, in order to provide an efficient response to the customers' needs and completion deadlines.


Founded by Paul Trinchese then handed down from father to sons Andrea & Aniello for two generations, the art of wrought iron and structural steel is that which deals with our family and heritage. Accomplished over 43 years our achievements proudly furnish the homes and creations of city buildings around New York City and all five boroughs.



Trinchese Iron Works can provide structural steel fabrication, installation, hoisting and rigging services you require to exactly match your design commitments. All installations are performed by our NYC master welders employees.

Proudly, home to brooklyn New York our production facility is capable of handling and processing any size steel fabrication for your infrastructure project. With a fully equipped, state-of-the-art steel fabrication complex consisting of two buildings with three bays of work space and employing the latest technology.

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